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Music & Theatre

Matthew Hodge has been teaching at the collegiate level for nearly 15 years. He is a passionate teacher who loves mentoring students. He is currently a performing arts professor at William Peace University in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as serves as one of the directors of the university's Interdisciplinary Arts program. While at WPU, he has been nominated multiple times by students and faculty for the prestigious McCormick Distinguished Teaching Award and was voted by colleagues as 1st runner-up for the 2019 Bingham Award for Campus Excellence.


Matthew also taught full-time at Campbellsville University, worked part-time for North Carolina State University, the University of Kentucky, and Lindsey Wilson College, and served as an invited guest for events held by multiple higher education institutions including Bellarmine University, Transylvania University, Centre College, Wayne Community College, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and University of Arkansas. He teaches courses spanning such topics as Music Theory, Piano, Music History, Theatre History, Musical Theatre, Arts in Society, Music Appreciation, and Theatre Appreciation. He teaches both traditional and non-traditional university students and teaches both in-person and online courses.

Matthew has co-designed multiple degrees currently being offered at universities in multiple states, created curriculum for international studies, presented research at six international academic conferences (including one at Harvard University), and published several scholarly books, chapters, and journal articles (see Author page).  

Matthew has traveled internationally leading study abroad students, presenting research at academic conferences, and performing. His recent journeys included Canada, The Bahamas, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Mexico. Additionally, he has been an invited speaker, lecturer, and performer for programs spanning Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, Ecuador, Brazil, South Korea, Poland, and Greece.



"My all-time favorite teacher; he always knows just how to push his students and how to show growth in work."


"One of the most influential teachers in my life."

"An incredible instructor and is passionate about his students."

"An absolutely brilliant professor and I jump at every chance to learn from him."

"Matt Hodge is one of my favorite teachers. I always love coming to his classes and seeing how he will challenge us to think that day. He's legit the best!"

"Taking your class has been one of the highlights of my semester by far...You're one of the best teachers I've ever had."

"Very inspiring! He challenged me to think and also have empathy for other cultures and backgrounds."

"An excellent professor and very passionate about his job."

"Professor Hodge shows great enthusiasm. His class was my favorite class all year."

"I've had Profesor Hodge twice and I learn the most in his classes. Love his teaching!"

"Professor Hodge is awesome. I love him and I would take this class three more times if I could."

"A great instructor who really challenges us to think about the world."

"I really enjoyed his style of teaching. He asked tough questions that really made me think about what I believe and who I am as a person."

"A great instructor who really challenges us to think about the world."


Master of Fine Arts in Music Composition

(Emphasis in Media Scoring)

Graduate Capstone: Composing for Screen and Stage

Vermont College of Fine Arts

Master of Arts in Music

(Emphasis in Composition)

Graduate Capstone: Theatre Composition

Campbellsville University

Bachelor of Arts in Theory & Composition

(Double Emphasis in Composition in Piano)

Undergraduate Capstone: Theatre Composition

Campbellsville University

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