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Exploring the Macabre, Malevolent, and Mysterious

Co-Edited with Dr. Elizabeth Kusko
Witches. Zombies. Monsters. Oh My!

In this unique volume, a collection of scholars spanning diverse areas and backgrounds offers fresh insight into how perceived concepts of horror and dark subject matter influence cultures and societies around the world. These compiled academic chapters explore how topics considered disturbing, mysterious, or fascinating are found not only in works of fiction and entertainment, but also in the cultural fabrics, belief systems, artistic creations, and even governmental structures of societies. Topics in this book include witchcraft, voodoo, zombies, spiritualism, serial killers, monsters, cemeteries, pop culture entertainment, and the sublime in transcendental experiences. As the academic study of horror becomes more mainstream, interdisciplinary collections such as this are instrumental in realizing just how much it impacts our lives—past, present, future, and imaginary. Thus, this volume of intriguing and profound topics offers scholars, students, and lovers of learning a much needed fresh and innovative intellectual exploration of the horror genre and the cultural fascination of the mysterious unknown.

Besides serving as the book's lead editor, Matthew also contributes the chapter:

"Musical Magick: Music Theory in Modern Wicca Spellcrafting" (pp. 62-94)

(2020, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 272 pages)

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