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"In My Skin"

Short film produced by Agen A Pictures. Written and directed by Alejandro Rodriguez. 

Premiered at Big Apple FIlm Festival.

Official slection for the 36th Clermont International Short Film Festival in France.  Starring Tommy Dorfman (Netflix's 13 Reasons Why) and Robert Stubbs (presviously seen on As The Word Turns, Guiding Light, and One Life To Live).


"A film that bridges gay themes with more universal youth themes: being comfortable with oneself and the heartbreak of first love. The story is about two gay boys in love, who must decide whether to come to terms with their sexuality, taking a risk to be themselves - and start a life that is true - despite the odds and pressures of high school. It is a short about the need to be comfortable with who you are in order to move forward in life."

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