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Handbook of Research on Aestheticization of Violence, Horror, and Power

Edited by Nur M. Erdem, Nihal Kocabay-Sener, and Tuğba Demir


"Staging Theatrical Child-Centric Violence: Aesthetic Ownership in The Pillowman"

pp. 50-72

Matthew's contributing chapter to this scholarly collection explores the demand for aesthetic ownership when designing and executing disturbing theatrical imagery of child-centric violence. Utilizing Martin McDonagh's highly-acclaimed yet extremely controversial play The Pillowman as a well-known backdrop, Matthew's chapter explores the debates regarding the psychological landscapes of violence within theatre and storytelling, including historical theatrical practices, original uncensored fairy tales, and contemporary staged drama.

WARNING: This chapter contains adult content of a graphic nature not intended for young readers.

(2020, IGI Global, 696 pages)

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